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Neo American Gothic

04.26.2007 · Posted in Friends, Home / Minneapolis

Local gay rag, Lavender Magazine, has a great shot of a classic American Gothicl setting, except husband and wife are the same person here. I believe this is the debut performance of duo persona Brad Traynor / Wanda Wisdom. ...

My friend Greg

04.23.2007 · Posted in Friends

My friend Greg Johnston was murdered last night. I don’t know any details other than the Austin, TX police department have just ruled it a homicide after referring to it as a “suspicious death” this morning. I lived with Greg for a couple of years several years back. He was kind, generous, and always tried ...

Google quiety supporting fight against global warming?

04.23.2007 · Posted in In the news, Technology

Google frequently changes its logo during holidays, special events, or what have you. Today I noticed the regular old Google logo at their landing page: You can see all of their previous logos online. Today, on their search results page, where the logo is found in a smaller version at the upper-left corner, they have ...

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Box Village

04.22.2007 · Posted in Home / Minneapolis

Friday night I drove by Plymouth Congregational Church on Franklin and Nicollet Avenues. The parking lot was filled with spectators, a lit stage was on one side with a couple of people addressing the crowd. A Fox 9 new van was parked in the corner of the lot with its satellite extended. A stage was ...

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Ads by Google

04.17.2007 · Posted in Absurdity, Technology

I’m a self-proclaimed google geek. The technologies and innovations they develop are simple, yet useful. I love them. However, I’m not quite sure what prompted this ad to appear on my website. ...

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YouTube Fun

04.16.2007 · Posted in Absurdity

Two videos came across my email box today: ...

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Yardwork and Bonfires

04.15.2007 · Posted in Autobiographical

Yesterday was filled with errands. Today was yard work, gardening, getting out the hose, replanting a tree – it was all very glamorous. The folks at Park Ave grilled burgers and hot dogs, we had the house meeting and finished the evening off with a bonfire and ice cream (we forgot to buy the ingredients ...


04.11.2007 · Posted in Work

I have goo days and bad days at the office. I really just need to be grateful that I work where I do – we get to do fun things like this. See the rest of ’em at www.MessinWithSasquatch.com. ...

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All I ever wanted

04.09.2007 · Posted in Autobiographical

Was to be a Kenwood Housewife. Okay, so I stole the line from a personals ad that used to run in Lavender Magazine over and over again until it had either a) overrun it’s welcome, or b) been fulfilled. I imagine my day would begin with me awaking to my alarm, the husband out of ...