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A new pitch tactic

08.26.2006 · Posted in Work

Ad agencies generally acquire new clients in one of two ways. Either the execs are in good through some networked relationship and the business is simply handed to them, or they go through a traditional pitch process, by which a review is conducted. A review starts with an request for proposal (RFP) being sent to ...

JT is back

08.25.2006 · Posted in Entertainment, Work

And I love viral marketing. JT himself sent me this email asking me to post this in my blog. Can you stand it? Okay – so maybe JT doesn’t know how to code very well. He’s still hot! ...

Boom Boom no more?

08.11.2006 · Posted in In the news

Being in recovery, one might think it’s strange that I’m writing about such an odd topic, but I’m an odd person – I’m allowed. If you’re gay and you’ve spent any time in Southern California, God help you if you haven’t visited the Boom Boom Room – Laguna Beach’s original gay bar. In a former ...