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Archive for March, 2006

Is it worth it?

03.26.2006 · Posted in Recovery

How many relationships end up “happily ever after” or even on amicable terms? From my experience, it takes many attempts before something eventually works out. Recently I’ve seen a few relationships go sour. The pain these folks are now in seems almost unbearable. Depression and feelings of little self-worth exude themselves while in their presence. ...

Advertising 2.0

03.14.2006 · Posted in Work

Our world is filled with ads. They’re everywhere you are. It’s nearly impossible to browse the ‘net these days without seeing advertisements littering your favorite sites. Magazines are published solely for the purpose of selling ad space (one must wonder about the merit of the editorial content). But with the advent of technologies like TiVo, ...

The girl who cheered too much

03.08.2006 · Posted in Absurdity

After The Today Show aired a clip of this girl, Jim told me about it. How amazing, and strange, that she would continue to cheer after she had fractured her spine, sufferred a concusion and bruised her lung! She was back on the show this morning and Katie asked her what she was thinking. She ...