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Lake country

01.24.2006 · Posted in Absurdity

I found myself mapping a remote address in northern Minnesota today and came across two interesting lakes in the middle of nowhere. Somebody was having some fun back in the day. ...

Barry Manilow is my Hero

01.17.2006 · Posted in Entertainment

Did anyone else catch Barry Manilow on Leno last night? He sang Unchained Melody from his new album, The Greatest Songs of the 50s. He was spectacular. He’s got a new gig at the Hilton in Vegas. Next time I’m there, I’m going to be front row. You may think I’m kidding, but I actually ...

Public Service Announcement

01.13.2006 · Posted in Work

I’d like to think that I have a right to be a little shocked at my experience in the men’s room at work yesterday. As I was standing at the urinal, minding my own Christian business, I heard a strange sound coming from an occupied stall. No, it’s not what you’re thinking. There were no ...

Awakening from hibernation

01.11.2006 · Posted in Autobiographical

So I’ve been a little busy lately …. The sober home manager deal I mentioned during December didn’t work out. Well, I guess it wasn’t meant to because I just bought a place of my own! Met with my new accountant today, and I’ll be open for biz sometime during February. You can’t help but ...

Global Warming

01.05.2006 · Posted in In the news

Is global warming a farse, or is it based in truth? Who do you believe? The scientific community, or George W. Bush? It is going to hit the mid 30s today in Minneapolis. And it’s January, historically the coldest month of the year for us. Normally you can expect zero degrees, and if you’re lucky, ...