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06.16.2005 · Posted in Misc

What time did you get up this morning? 6:30 AM Diamonds or pearls? Diamonds What was the last film you saw at the cinema? Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith What is your favourite TV show? Toss up between Dallas and Knots Landing What is your middle name? Troy What is your ...

Ad League Softball Game

06.15.2005 · Posted in Work

Yesterday I attended my very first Ad League softball game. There are roughly 20 teams in the league – populated by folks who work at various agencies around town. It’s a fun way to meet new people, build connections, and, in general, perpetuate the ad agency community’s incestuous nature. We won this game 8 – ...

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oh come awn

06.13.2005 · Posted in In the news

I mean seriously – what in the hell is this? Doesn’t this woman know that it was PRINCE who did When Doves Cry?So I decided this woman was absurd and googled “dove” – these are some of my findings. Michael has actually had experience with doves before! And the rest: ...

Safe (fashionable) sex

06.11.2005 · Posted in Absurdity

I wonder if it comes in platinum as well? Gold is so … 1980. Gold Ringed Burberry Condoms Order your own 3-pack for the low low price of only $14.99! Or, if you wait, Old Navy is sure to come out with a sweat-shop version for only $3.99 in the very near future. ...

The arrogance

06.04.2005 · Posted in In the news

I wonder if this kid is going to get away with this again. After being busted a few years back for selling cable decoders, he was asked to pay back $60,000 of approximately $385,000 he made. Now he’s made in excess of $18 million and he hasn’t even been charged with a crime yet, though ...

Megan Mullally gets a talk show!!!

06.01.2005 · Posted in Entertainment

Megan Mullally just signed a deal with NBC to host her own talk show that’ll begin airing Fall 2006! This is the best news in entertainment history since, um, since, well … um, since Six Feet Under was renewed? I wonder what they’ll call it? Here are some thoughts: Brutually Honest with Megan Mullally Attitude ...