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Gopher State Roundup Recap

05.29.2005 · Posted in Recovery

Gopher State was a lot of fun. I had a hard time getting going during the day. I think I was hesitant to get there too early because last year I was on time and the lines for registration were outta control. I didn’t arrive there until around 6:30pm after working at the coffee house ...

Paris in the Spring

05.28.2005 · Posted in Entertainment

I just love Paris in the Spring. Paris Hilton, that is. Especially when she’s chomping on a HUGE unhealthy fastfood concoction that she’d never eat without an enormous binging session shortly thereafter. Okay, so seriously, where did this chick come from? She’s completely famous – and for what? All for being a party girl. That’s ...

Running For AIDS

05.28.2005 · Posted in Friends

Fellow internet addict, Andrew, is running for AIDS. Please read about it and donate to the cause if you can. I did. ...

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Gopher State Roundup

05.28.2005 · Posted in Recovery

I’ll be at the Gopher State Roundup later today, and perhaps tomorrow. I went last year after only a few months of sobriety. It was really an overwhelming experience. There are thousands of people there – all walks of life, all ages, races, etc, etc. I couldn’t get over how many people were in recovery. ...

More will be revealed

05.24.2005 · Posted in Misc

Please ignore the current mess of a situation in the Gallery. PHP sucks ass – and not in a good way. In the meantime, please entertain yourself with this site. If you’re not in the biz, you’ll think it’s funny. If you’re in the biz, you’ll think it’s sad but true. ...

Small Tidbits

05.20.2005 · Posted in Work

Busy week, what with Jim’s Birthday taking up all of my spare time to plan 😉 Just kidding. But really, it’s been busy, so I’ve emailed myself little noteworthy items of interest I wanted to mention. This chick was banned from walking during her high school graduation ceremony because she was pregnant! How absurd! She ...

The Walker Art Center

05.14.2005 · Posted in Home / Minneapolis

The Walker Art Center’s new addition has been completed now for a couple of weeks and is open to the public. I live a block from here, and am just now taking photos of the place – I know, I know – keep the tomatoes to yourself, please. The rear. More photos in the gallery. ...

Work shenanigans

05.14.2005 · Posted in Work

Every year the agency celebrates the fishing season opener with it’s own event – The Minnow Races! Eight “Minnow Jockeys” are nominated to represent different areas of the agency. Employees are encouraged to don their fanciest hat in a Kentucky Derby-like show of support. Breaded and fried walleye is served with Minnesota staples like cole ...

Why I blog

05.12.2005 · Posted in Autobiographical

Michael did such a beautiful job answering these questions in his recent post that I decided to give it a go. Of course, reading his blog you just know that he rattles this shit off the tip of his tounge. For me, I have to think about what I write. Like the needle-holding nursing assistant ...