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How ironical

09.29.2004 · Posted in Friends

The ironicy of it all! What are the chances that my wallet would get stolen and my roommate’s car get broken into in the same day? Well it hapenned yesterday! He only had cash taken at least – they left his Prada loafers & bag, and Burberry umbrella in the backseat – they obviously weren’t ...

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So far this morning …

09.28.2004 · Posted in Autobiographical

I’ve had my wallet stolen. Somebody gave me a copy of the Garden State soundtrack – yeah! I’m sick of Lowes.com. Somebody died in the skyway right outside of my building this morning. A drunkard began having seizures at the corner of 8th and 1st ave south 10 minutes ago. Cops surrounding him. Ambulance is ...

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09.27.2004 · Posted in Recovery

Friday night I found myself done with work for the week. I had gone to an AA meeting where a friend received his one year medallion. I’ve only met him in the last few months and didn’t know him in his very early sobriety, but from what I’ve been told, he wasn’t always the caring ...

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The future has been decided

09.21.2004 · Posted in Absurdity

The year is 2010. Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people have been guaranteed the rights granted every American by the Constitution of the United States. And, as predicted, the homosexuals have taken over. Old Glory’s gone pink. Hedonism reigns. And ass-less chaps are standard office attire. Welcome to the United States of Gaymerica. Experience it ...

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09.21.2004 · Posted in Absurdity

There are blow-up dolls on cable access right now. Seriously. ...

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Manure happens

09.20.2004 · Posted in Work

Okay, this whole “feel free to bring your dog to the office with you” policy at work is quite endearing really, but the seventh floor smells like shit today. Literally. It’s permeating. Nobody can find the actual pile-o-shit, but it’s definately there somewhere. ...

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Clearing out the camera phone’s memory

09.19.2004 · Posted in Autobiographical

Went to Bingo-a-go-go last night with Miss Richfield MCing. This was my second visit, so brought along my digital camera. Unfortunately I pulled it out once I arrived, only to find that I had left the battery in the charger at home. Oh well, it was a hoot anyhow – I’ll have to get pictures ...


09.17.2004 · Posted in Absurdity

Ellen Barkin as Annette in Drop Dead Gorgeous In the tradition of one of my favorite films, Drop Dead Gorgeous, I thought I’d post a few links that I found after watching the news last night. I never knew there was such a thing as the Ms Senior Minnesota Pageant! Apparently they’re looking for contestants, ...

Checkout my Pinewood Derby racer

09.16.2004 · Posted in Work

Hi SparklesMpls, Check out my cool Pinewood Derby Racer! I built it at the Cub Scouts web site. You can build one too and find out more about how to join Cub Scouts in your neighborhood. To see my derby racer go to http://www.joincubs.com/games/derby/derby.asp?derby=23719. We should sign up for Cub Scouts together! Visit www.joincubs.com today! ...

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Manick Monday

09.13.2004 · Posted in Autobiographical

Went to Park House this morning to tour the place prior to holding Minnesober there. I’m heading up meals, and other folks had to see the place to get an idea of what to do for decorations, registrations, workshops, etc. It should be a good time, but this planning business is more taxing than I ...

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