High School Friends

My friend Kate arrived in town yesterday and a bunch of us met her out for drinks. I have known Kate since kindergarten. I remember her as one of 3 kids in class who came to school already knowing how to read, so an hour each day she got taken away to do some advanced […]

Playing catch-up

I’ve been neglecting my blogging lately. I suppose it’s because I had a routine down prior to getting laid off… I always had my window of time when I blogged. Now that my routine’s been thrown out of whack, I’ve had trouble finding the time, or being in the right mood, to blog. Things are […]

Sunday morning thoughts

I`m all set to go to the gym this morning, but my gym buddy is MIA. Roommate went to Sturgis last night – I really wish he’d stop traveling so much – so I find myself somewhat lonely again 🙁 The thought of one of the biggest retail queens on a Harley from here to […]

another interview down

… and so far none more to go. Actually, I’m quite grateful that I had two interviews this week. Both went really well. The first was just with a hiring manager. During the second, I met with five people. Phone calls keep coming and I still haven’t had to do any of my own soliciting […]

another busy day

I’ve got another full day of fun planned today. I’m grateful that I’ve been able to keep busy during my time of unemployment. Down time for me tends to lead to insanity, so keeping busy is a good thing! Roommate came in from out of town early yesterday, so caught up with him last night. […]