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08.31.2004 · Posted in Autobiographical

The two dogs I’m sitting right now certainly are a bundle of work. They require feeding, cleanup, play-time, and they’re constantly wanting to cuddle with me, but then they tend to whipe their snot-noses all over me. They also prefer to drink out of the toilet instead of their water bowls. They lick me to ...

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More office drinking encouraged

08.31.2004 · Posted in Work

This is D – the mail lady at work. She’s a hoot. Loved her shirt. In case you can’t read it, it says: FINISH YOUR BEERS (There are sober people in China) ...

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What is this?

08.28.2004 · Posted in Home / Minneapolis

Any guess what this might be? Nope, it’s not a parking lot … it’s I-94 turned into a parking lot! I was with a couple of buddies coming home from breakfast in St. Paul last weekend when traffic suddenly stopped. There was no movement for such a long time that people started to get curious, ...

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Bea teaming up with the terrorists!

08.26.2004 · Posted in In the news

Jason at five o’clock bot just posted this HILLARIOUS story about Bea Arthur teaming up with terrorists – trying to sneak a pocketknife onto a plane! ...

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Green beans galore

08.25.2004 · Posted in Recovery

Okay, so I’m house sitting for a couple of weeks, and this morning, my first morning with the dogs, I wake up, feed them breakfast, and they puke ALL OVER. I didn’t know little dogs could puke so much! It’s like having a baby around that pukes up after every meal. YUCKY. I think it ...

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Crack Corner, Minneapolis

08.20.2004 · Posted in Work

Well, I’m at work again today, so that means I survived the first day. I actually had to work late on my first day – something that I think is quite common around here. Not a bad thing at all; a lot is expected of you at this agency – I just have to learn ...

Starting on Thursday

08.17.2004 · Posted in Autobiographical

… I’ll be back in the 9-5 world. Actually, I tend to get to the office fairly early, so it’ll be the 7:30-5 world. I’m trying to get my house cleaned before I return to work. I’ve neglected it, and things are crazy-messy. I’m also trying to get over to the SBA to talk to ...

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New artwork – now on display!

08.14.2004 · Posted in Home / Minneapolis

… in my living room at least 🙂 I consolidated my credit card debt a couple of months ago, and as part of the ritual, cut them up. This is what the result looks like, though I couldn’t find all of them, these cards accounted for a large portion of the debt 🙂 I was ...

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I’m employed again!!!

08.13.2004 · Posted in Work

Well, almost. There will be some paperwork to complete next week, but I did get the news today! It’s a 3 month contract with a great agency in town. The job is pretty much the same thing I was doing before, but with an increased level of responsibility. Once the 3 months expire, if things ...

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