Bolt Underground

Went to the Bolt Underground tonight for the first time. They just opened recently and I had heard that some Legion work needed to be carried there. Anyhow, I loved it! Super hot guys, very cool club – cool music, sweating boys/men, and a literal underground theme. What more could a homo ask for? It […]

Monday night rain

Sorta in a strange mood tonight. It’s Monday night and I have to return to work tomorrow after a three day weekend 🙁 The weekend was pretty good overall, although my mom called me upset this evening, again. She never seems happy. This time she was upset with my dad about something that I thought […]

Unwilling Interactive Creative Writing?

This article in city pages outlines the events of a fictional blogger who was around for YEARS. The blog was written by Plain Jayne – a late twenties girl who shared her past rape experience, photos of herself and friends, and corresponded with her readers via email, instant messenger, and commenting on her site. The […]

Amish Bondage

I know, I’m going to hell, but I just can’t stay away from campy porn. Amish Bondage: Adventures in Sin and Pride in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Super Fantastic Day!

OMG, I just had a super-fantastic day! Started out with sleeping in until 11:00, which is someting I haven’t done in probably a month. Went to Spy House and got a blueberry muffin and a light roast. Did my crossword puzzles. Stopped over at Mom & Dad’s and dropped off their coolers. Fixed Mom’s computer. […]

Gay Rodeo!

Had another FABULOUS day! Got up, went to coffee at Spyhouse for my blueberry muffin and light rost. Went to the gay rodeo, run by the NSGRA, in Hugo – about 30 minutes north of downtown minneapolis. The rodeo was just a blast, and I got tons of photos – go check them out in […]


My blogging-buddy Aaron just relaunched his site under a new name: OpenDoors – go check it out. He seems cool so far, but he spends far too much time at the Wilde Roast Cafe on his Mac. Anyhow, just got home from Spiderman2 and I’ve got to get to bed. TGIF!

I’ll cut yah!

I found this photo while browsing through tonight. Not something I normally do, btw, but I’m glad I did, or I never would have seen this thing! Don’t you hate it when it gets really humid during summer in Minnesota and the mosquitos start attacking you in flocks and it’s so humid that even […]