Today’s happenings

Strange day so far. Work is busy, but a few things have struck me: Was driving into work today and spotted an older, heavier gentleman in the large Lincoln next to me at the stoplight. He was wearing a cowboy hat, sunglasses, light-colored suit, and white gloves made of lace! Drove further down Hennepin and […] part two

I just got this email from For those of you in Minnesota, this is directly applicable to you. For those of you outside of MN, I urge you to call your legistlators. Thank you for supporting the “United, Not Divided” campaign. There’s not much time left. The Senate is expected to vote on the […]

Surprisingly good mood

Went to an NA meeting tonight. This meeting has an open discussion during the latter half and I was thinking about what I might say on my way over there. It occurred to me that it’s been a pretty busy week, and I’m surprised I’m handling it as well as I am. My mother was […]

Spinning at The Firm

Holy shite. I took a spinning class after a chest workout at The Firm. It was an intense program – I never knew exercycle riding could be such hard work! I encourage you all to join in. It’s fun to watch me wheeze 🙂

Speaking of hobos …

… I spotted a multi-tasking hobo the other day! He was quite clever. His cardboard sign must have been made out of a refrigerator box, given it’s size. Jim pointed out that he probably also used the sign as his house. They sure are getting clever these days!

Normal hobos

Okay, so I did get something good out of A Million Little Pieces, afterall. The last 50 or so pages are actually getting good. James Frey speaks about how we (we being alcoholics and addicts) are all born normal [perhaps genetically predispositioned to addiction, but I don’t know…] people. Then the disease strikes, and it’s […]