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The Opposite Sex: Rene’s Story

05.31.2004 · Posted in Entertainment

I’m up late again all excited about this blogging. Sure I’d heard about blogs some time ago, but it never really interested me – why would I want to publish my thoughts for everyone to see?! First all of the technical aspects interested me – I can list my blog on other sites, provide a ...

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How you say?

05.30.2004 · Posted in Entertainment

Okay, according to the bio page on IMDB.com Jake’s last name is in fact pronounced like Jill, not Gill. Thank you very much. Anyhow, I’ve gotton over my resentment for wasting the $8 on the film, as I’ve developed a much deeper appreciation for Mister Gyllenhall. He’s quite the hottie – even Dustin Hoffman can’t ...

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The Day After Tomorrow

05.29.2004 · Posted in Entertainment

I went to the Minnesota Gopher State Roundup this evening – a big AA convention at the Sheritan (formerly Radisson South) at 494 and 100. It continues again tomorrow and goes through Sunday. It was okay. I got there late (phone didn’t wake me from my nap) and ended up having to stand at the ...

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Oh, Christ. I’m here.

05.28.2004 · Posted in Recovery

I’ve fallen through that threshold I thought I’d never cross – I’ve created a blog. Good gawd. It’s really my sponsor’s fault. He told me I should begin journaling. He told me I should get a pretty red-velvet covered journal and begin writing. But no. I had to do it my way. I told him ...